I'm a dominatrix based in San Francisco but have been flown around the world to bestow my own unique brand of kinky play.

You might be new and have no idea where to start. You might be a seasoned submissive whose interests require a certain level of mastery and understanding. No matter where you are on your kink journey, I'm here to guide you, to astound you. Perhaps to hurt you but never harm you and most of all—to connect with you. 

When thinking about the purpose of life (I know—rather existential for an About page but a global pandemic will do that to you!) I think it's about creating meaningful connections with those who earn mutual trust & to experience fully, without shame, all parts of yourself. I feel so much pleasure in creating what will be some of the best and most scintillating memories of your life. Life is too short to not explore your fantasies most splendidly.

And at the same time, your life shouldn't be cut short by trying to experience them either. When I began my professional career, both in the house dungeon where I started and in the kink scene at events, I was shocked to discover that not all Dominants (pros and Old Guard Leatherman alike) did not take safety as seriously as I assumed. It's one of the reasons I'm so upfront and dedicated with my own health and safety education, as well as taking every precaution into consideration when preparing for our play. I believe in creating a space where you feel seen, where you feel safe, and where you can surrender completely.

So you know about my approach & my values, but what am I like? To be honest, it all depends on our dynamic and your behavior.  I am the perfect combination of sweet but stern. While I'm incredibly warm and nonjudgmental, I have little patience for insubordination. A delightful but discerning deviant, my skills and expertise make my time and attention highly sought after. So...what will you do to garner my attention?